“Excuse me, sir, but I think your sales associate is sleeping on one of the beds.”

“Damnit, AJ! That’s the third time this week.”

“No, that’s ok. That mattress looks…

“So, tell me, Jon— how’s work going? What’re you doing, again?” Hank and Jon were catching up after not seeing each other for many months. They had finished their meals and all that remained were their drinks. The restaurant staff was perturbed that the two had stayed so long, but that’s just how Hank and Jon were. The conversation, not the meal, was the purpose of their meeting.

“Yeah, man, it’s going well — better than I would have guessed. I’ve been ghostwriting. I started through a website and then branched out on my own.”

“Like term papers and stuff?”

He had joined Twitter because he thought it would afford him the opportunity to put his wit on display. At that time, Mark was also beginning to pay attention to conversations online. This was primarily due to his “Writing in Online Places” course in college. He wanted to immerse himself in online writing for the sake of becoming an online writer. He was trying to establish a professional presence. He also had a blog, one of several over the past few years, and multiple Instagram accounts, each portraying one of Mark’s many hobbies.

As he began to create his Twitter…

I walked into a large room, much too large for the arrangement of chairs it held within. Eight Victorian-patterned armchairs were placed in a loose circle in the center. All were empty. The room was empty. A sign on the wall said, “Days Since Last Argument.” In the corner of the sign, there was a dry-erase board with a six drawn on. A poster displayed a portrait of John Donne alongside his “No Man is an Island” poem in modern English. Thinking that I may be lost, I checked my phone for the meeting details.

Philosophers Anonymous
7:00–8:30 P.M. …

A personal narrative told through the frame of Good Will Hunting.

Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting (Taken from IMDB — Photo by Miramax Films — © 1997 Miramax Pictures- all rights reserved)

I wondered if I was somehow letting myself or my family down. In May of 2015, I graduated from a two-year community college with no intention of transferring to a university. While in college, I had found a part-time job that became full-time upon graduation. The pay was good enough and the job was one that could become a career but I often thought about whether this was sufficient for me.

I wanted to be content with my choice to begin a career, even one that allowed for little…

When Cowboy Bebop first aired in the U.S. in 2001, I was too young to watch it — I was only eight at the time. The show originally appeared in Japan a few years prior. It wasn’t until 2013 that I binge-watched the show’s 26 episodes or sessions. During my first viewing, I remember seeing one scene that cut me deep. The philosophical questions in that episode were so heavy that I have never forgotten them.

It may be esoteric to talk about an episode of a television show that aired twenty years ago, but now, being older and more…

In the 2009 film, “The Invention of Lying,” there does not appear to be any form of religion prior to Mark Bellison’s prophetic revelation. This is to say that religion, because it is not truthful, would not exist in a world uncorrupted with falsities. Likewise, the “man-in-the-sky” religion that Mark creates is a lie. Religion and truth are incompatible as natural selection, survival of the fittest and nihilism are the normative worldview. Furthermore, characters in the film still engage in nihilistic tendencies in the wake of learning that their good life promises them a paradisal afterlife. All of these serve…

Image taken from IMDB.

In the realm of philosophy, it has been argued whether mankind has to adhere to the sovereignty of a supreme force or have the freedom to make their own way. As The Truman Show has been out for over twenty years now, there have many people contributing to this discussion and many of those have pointed out connections to Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” or Descarte’s “Evil Genius.” Others want to compare the similarities to The Matrix which came out the following year.

As there have been numerous responses to The Truman Show, less space has been given to the…

Jake Keefover

Examiner of Life. Storyteller. INFJ.

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